Women Protection/ Empowerment Committee (WPEC)

Role : The WPEC is responsible to:

  • The WPEC is responsible to establish and implement policies for protection and empowerment of Women faculty and students.

Frequency of meetings : Once in a Semester/ on Demand Basis

Women Protection/ Empowerment Committee (WPEC)
S.No Name Designation Status of the Person
1Dr B. ArundhathiPrincipleChair Person
2Mrs K.PrabhavathiADVOCATE ExternalMember
3Mrs K.SravanthiAssoc.ProfMember
4Mrs K.Swapna PriyaAssoc.ProfMember
5Mrs G.Hima binduAssoc.ProfMember
6Mrs K.SravaniAssoc.ProfMember
7Mrs J.Adhi LakshmiAsst.ProfMember
8Dr K.Mrudula DeviAssoc.Prof & Incharge WPECMember Secretary