Special Programs - Student Diversity

A well-defined system is established to identify the students as advanced and slow learners. It works based on the differential learning style of the students and their performance in continuous evaluation process. After identification, students are counselled to overcome their learning difficulties.

Assessment of learning abilities

Advanced learners: Students with SGPA above 7 in the previous semester are identified as advanced learners. Slow learners: Students with SGPA below 7 in the preceding semester exam are identified as slow learners. However, in case of I B.Tech. the students are identified as advanced and slow learners based on their EAMCET Rank and performance in MID-I (I Semester examination).

Special programs for Advanced Learners:
Advanced learners are consistently monitored to upgrade their skills and achieve higher goals with additional efforts for career planning and holistic development in their academics, competitive exams, research and projects. The procedure includes the following:
  • Self-learning via online courses on platforms like SWAYAM, NPTEL, and Coursera.
  • Active participation in Hackathons, Competitive Coding, and Design Contests.
  • Introduction to Real-time Industry Projects and Semester Long Internships.
  • Conduction of special classes for GATE, GRE and TOEFL.
  • Reinforcement to opt for an Honors and Minors Degree Program.
  • Placement training and Career counselling.
  • Research guidance to publish articles/works in indexed journals.

Special programs for Slow Learners:
Continuous monitoring of slow learners' academic progress is ensured. The institution's well established counselling system fosters a mentor-mentee relationship, motivating students towards their objectives. Pre-identified factors like family, emotions, and social influences on the learners are addressed through effective counselling. The programs include:
  • Remedial Classes
  • Access to e-resources
  • Special course material for better preparation
  • Remedial classes for backlog students.
  • Peer mentoring and learning with the support of advanced learners.
  • Recorded video-lectures access through LMS Platform.