Skill Development Cell

Engineering is one of today's fastest growing and most fascinating areas, providing new college graduates with great income potential, career security, and lots of personal pleasure. Engineers may choose from a wide range of careers. However, not everyone can become an engineer due to the high skill and knowledge requirements. There are various disciplines of engineering, each with its own set of technical skills. Even within the same profession, precise employment needs vary greatly across roles.

The greatest concern nowadays is that formal education does not provide individuals with the necessary skills to be employed. Skilled workers are in high demand. When we look at the proportion of officially skilled workers worldwide, India ranks last at 2%, Korea (96%), Japan (80%), Germany (75%), the United Kingdom (68%), and China (40%).India has enormous potential to increase skill-based learning in order to not only meet local labour demands but also function as an efficient global manpower centre.

Vignan's Institute of Information Technology Skill Development Cell has been charged with the job of training students by offering a variety of courses with the goal of increasing their employment or self-employment options.

To accomplish its objectives, the VIIT Skill Development Cell (SDC) focuses on improving students' skills on a variety of fronts. This is accomplished by implementing skill development programmes for students beginning in their first year. We think they'll have the skills needed by the job market when they finish their studies.

CISCO, AWS, REDHAT, Blue Prism University, Palo Alto Networks, and other world-renowned industrial giants collaborate with the VIIT Skill Development Cell (SDC).VIIT works with APPSSDC (Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development) to provide industry-specific training and skill development.