Mentor – Mentee System

An effective mentor-mentee system employed in the institute since the inception to handle academic, emotional and psychological issues of the students. Mentoring system always helped mentors to identify the innate strengths and weaknesses of mentees in order to take necessary action.

Objectives of Mentoring System

  • To monitor and enhance the student’s regularity, discipline and academic performance.
  • To focus on individual student progress through consistent support addressing various aspects related to emotional, youth or health issues.
  • Promote students’ balanced engagement in academics and co-curricular activities.

Process of Mentoring System

  • Each faculty is allotted a batch of 15-20 mentees from the first year of admission.
  • Hours for mentor-mentee interaction are allotted in the regular timetable and however informal interaction is a continuous process.
  • During interaction of the mentors with the mentee, the personal information is gathered and analyzed by the mentor to assess.
    • family background
    • any behavioural/ discipline issues
    • academic/ co-curricular/ extra-curricular interests
    • health and general well-being
  • Basing on the problem, the mentor directs the mentee towards the concerned person to sort out the issue.
  • In case, the mentee is weak in academics, he/she was entrusted to the coordinator who facilitate them with backlog / remedial classes.
  • Mentees excelling in academics are motivated to engage in hackathons, coding contests, project expos, certification programs, and similar activities.
  • Mentees are given liberty to express their problems and assisted in its resolution process at various levels by the department, Chief counselling coordinator, psychologist and management depending on the criticality of the issue.
  • Freedom given to voice their concerns and are supported in resolving them at different levels by the department, Chief Counselling Coordinator, Psychologist, and Management, based on the severity of the concern.
  • Mentors provide encouragement to students encountering financial challenges assuring that their problems serve as catalyst and powerful motivators to achieve success.
  • Mentors closely monitor the mentees and document the interactions; issues raised and resolved using diverse approaches.