Academic Calendar

The Academic calendars are prepared by Academic Planning and Monitoring Committee (AP&MC) every year well in advance of commencement of class work.

Preparation of Academic Calendar

  • Academic calendar provides the total effective working days available in each semester along with the internal and external examination dates.
  • Based on the Academic Calendar, the Academic Planners are prepared outlining the dates of the academic lectures, holidays, examinations, and other important events. They help in scheduling various academic and administrative activities in advance.
  • Prepared Academic Calendars are approved in Academic Council Meetings from time to time.
  • Every department prepares its Academic planners keeping in the view various co-curricular and extracurricular activities like workshops, seminars, industrial visits.
  • Academic Calendar is published on website.
  • Printed copies are distributed to faculty, students, notice boards and placed in classrooms.

Academic Calendar 2022-23
Academic Calendar 2021-22
Academic Calendar 2020-21
Academic Calendar 2019-20
Academic Calendar 2018-19